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Sushi Party
iunie 13, 2010, 2:35 pm
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am o idee sa fac sushi party de ziua lu’ Eviku, si uite ca ma documentez:

Planning a Te MAki Party (cu shopping list cu tot) –

eHow – throwing a sushi dinner

eHow – throwing a sushi party sushi party ideas

post punk kitchen – veg sushi party

Sushi party at home de pe

rezultate google „japanese sushi party guide”

Sushipedia (nme speaks for itself) –

Videojug despre sushi

How to make Te Maki hand Rolls


Un pic offtop, dar tot bucatarie japoneza – cum se face un bento (omleta cu spanac m-a impresionat)

Aceeashi tanti face Onigiri – bilutse japoneze de orez –

inca un offtop, dar nu prea – food culture pe (sigur ca e despre mancare japoneza)

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